20 May, 2009

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Lancashire Rose

Lancashire Rose
The web-page of the Grater Lancashire BPP


Patriotic Greetings

Welcome to the web-page of the Lancashire branch of the British People's Party.

Our party represent the interests of all the indiginous peoples of the British Isles, and is a broad coalition of 'traditional' nationalists, agrarians, white racialists, patriotic-libertarians
and National Socialists.

We represent the active component of the BPP membership and support-base within the true frontiers of Lancashire, before the treasonous Local Government Acts(plus certain pre-war boundary changes) passed in the 1970's robbed our humble community of communities of their political power and re-located it in the cities.

Consequently, alongside other adjoining BPP counties, we DO NOT respect the political frontiers presented to us by 'Cumbria',' Calderdale', Greater 'Manchester' and 'Merseyside'.
As a party we are focused on useful street activity rather than drunken socials, which are a breeding ground for arguments and back-biting( such as the kind that has occurred in Manchester), and if that means losing 20%, 50% or even 99% of our previous support then so be it.

We are not interested in fighting against other nationalist groups, we wish any other patriots and nationalists all the best, but we are DONE trying to appeal to the sentiments of the old 'Spearhead' clique, who have shown us nothing but contempt.

Hopefully the BNP will do well but they do not have a monopoly on nationalism, only on a part of it and we offer an chance for nationalists who do not feel comfortable 'towing the line' a chance to espouse the creed without having to look over their shoulder.